Our Story

Launched on August 1, 2018.

Tucked away down a quiet alley in the heart of Hanoi's Tay Ho District you'll find Bao Wow serving up freshly steamed Bao buns filled with seasonal and creative fillings, killer sides, craft cocktails and local beer.

Owners Katie Taylor and Chef Phan Nhu Long share the story behind Bao Wow in the pictures and captions below.

I left Vietnam by myself at 16 years old. After 10 years, I felt the need to come back. I worked for a few different places, a few different hotels and I realised I needed to work for myself and do something on my own. So we opened this.

Vietnamese know what banh bao is. It’s very nostalgic for them. We thought, “Wow, this is also the perfect vessel to be able to deliver really interesting cuisine.”

We wanted to have the feeling of the place have a bit of swag. From the playlist to the decor, to feel like you’re in East London, kind of warehouse space. We didn’t want to have a place that wasn’t fun. Half of our staff are hip hop dancers.

The skinny was our first bao that we came up with. It’s vegan, with avocado, fried crispy shallots, house pickles and hoisin siracha. The durty bird is like Japanese-style fried chicken, so nice and light with a spicy mayo. That’s our bestseller.

I still get excited that people want to come and eat our food. It will never get old, hearing someone say, “That’s great! We’ll be back! I’m gonna bring my friends!” It’s really awesome.

Our Team

Meet some of our amazing team members that make everything possible.

Katie TaylorChef / Owner
Phan Nhu LongChef
Rachel BrownWaiter
Alex HilesWaiter
Elly BeckWaitress